AG was founded in 1997 by the producer Gamal El Adl and the scenarist Dr. Medhat El Adl and Dr.mohamed El Adl. AG is considered a pioneer in the Cinema industry, we introduced for the first time the so-called Cinema of Youth represented in the movie “Seidy fi Algamaa Al-Amrekia” or “Seidy in the AUC”. The movie was ranked number one in the Egyptian Cinema Box office for many seasons. This movie was a turning point that totally changed the whole industry in Egypt. After the great success of “Seidy in the AUC”, AG produced a list movies like Seidy Fi Al Gamaa Al Amreekeya, Hammam Fy Amsterdam, Short W Fannella W Cap, Mafia, Ashab Walla Business. On the other hand, AG has entered the Drama Industry with a TV series called Hadeeth Al Sabah Wal Masaa that was considered as one of the most influential, significant series in the Egyptian history. In addition to, AG has produced a lot of popular, valuable series such as Malak Rohy, Leqaa Al Hawa, Mahmoud Al Masry, Raya W Sekina, Al Andalib, Qadeyet Raay Aam, Qesset Hob, Ser Alany, Sedna Al Sayed, Al Daeya, Segn Al Nesa. Moreover, AG has been popular in presenting new face in all aspects of the field. It’s well known for giving young talents a chance like Mohamed Henedi, Ahmed El Sakka, Mona Zaki, Ghada Adel, Menna Shalaby, Nelly Kareem, Ahmed Rezk, Reham Abdelghafour, Ahmed Ezz, Ahmed Al Fishawy, Nour, Ahmed Eid. Not only actors that were given a chance by AG, but also behind the camera people. For example, Said Hamed, Hala Khalil, Ali Edriss, Mohamed El Adl, Karim El Adl, Sameh Selim, Iman Haddad, Ghada Selim, Ahmed El Morsi, Ehab Mohamed Ali, Hussein Assar, Abdelsalam Moussa, Khaled Hammad, Mohamed Amin.


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